Wedding shoot of  Akhila & Phani

We are best in wedding shoots and this is the wedding shoot of Akhila & Phani. As we Indian Celebrate many wedding functions include a number of pre-wedding functions such as sangeet party and bridal mehndi functions, and other functions like exchanging vows and the ring ceremony. One saying is like this that “photographs are that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce”. This saying has more weight in the marriage, it is a precious moment in everyone’s life capture all those pictures with our camera.

We celebrate the sangeet party, which is more fun and energetic functions of the Indian wedding. we have more cultures, Hindu Customs, include music as the soul of the wedding celebration. sangeet party also include dancing and singing against the background of live performances. In sangeet, we can capture a lot of memorable fun moments.

Wonderful family, crazy friends, soul-filling food, beautiful music, dance traditions, love and more. We have experienced as we look back wonderful days of celebrating love. Our bride Akhila groom and Phani is best bonkers together. We made their wedding photography the way they were meant to be. Take a look of beautiful memories of Akhila and Phani.